Artificial intelligence created a commercial for a Kazakh car manufacturer

Kazakhstanis are actively using AI-technology to generate texts and pictures. Allur decided to go further and, for the first time in Central Asia, "commissioned" artificial intelligence to produce advertising content. The video is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Kazakh automobile company. Today dealer network under Allur brand consists of 68 partner and 9 own auto centers. Attaching great importance to marketing, Allur became a pioneer in using AI for advertising purposes in our country.

The creativity of the idea demonstrates the desire of the automaker to move forward. The virtual director of the video, in fact, was AI. Of course, there were real people involved in its creation, namely professionals from the Redkeds Central Asia ad agency and anykey production studio, as well as graphic designer Riz Esentaev. And they had to work very hard to correct the actions of a neural network. But nevertheless, the very fact of video generation by artificial intelligence calls into question the need for a huge army of advertisers around the world. Kazakhstan, which strives to follow modern trends, is no exception in this. However, as the creators of the video point out, at the moment neural networks are not a stable tool to achieve flawless results.

The animation is created using Warpfusion neural network, which is a variation of DiscoDiffusion. The Deliberate v2 model was used for generation. In some scenes IT specialists had to work frame by frame, generating animation several times and assembling collages of good shots with Photoshop.

The storyline depicts a world filled with the emotions, thoughts and aspirations of those who use Allur's means of transportation - cars, buses and cab services.

"We decided to be the first in Central Asia to create a commercial using a neural network. We were well aware that artificial intelligence is not yet as stable as we would like it to be. But when we are talking about the inner world of a person, some ephemeral matter - it only plays into our hands. But we could not allow too many random elements in the animation, too distort the main characters and the main objects in the frame. We had to balance between the main idea, the plot, the real picture and the fantasy of the options the neural network could give out. Everything to make the result look dynamic and interesting, but not too unrealistic," said Alexey Leibovich, Redkeds Central Asia Creative Director.

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