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15% of banks in Kyrgyzstan use digital product design scenarios: top bank managers were presented with market research and new Russian technologies

On July 4, top managers of largest banks of Kyrgyzstan gathered in Bishkek to discuss digitalization of the banking industry. The event was organized by Russian fintech company Abanking. 

At the business-breakfast, top managers of banks were presented with a study of banking services in Kyrgyzstan and new Russian technologies.

The banking system in Kyrgyzstan is one of the engines of digitalization, which is supported at the state level. Therefore, banking services have outpaced the development of many other industries in the past few years.

The study of digital services in the country showed that banks have already begun to receive customers from digital channels, but have not yet reached the full use of the latest opportunities to automate this process. 

At the business breakfast, a Russian fintech company presented the Abanking Digital Office technology. This is a digital service builder that helps banks without developers to create personal offices for new clients. 

"In the near future, we can see how the promising market of Kyrgyzstan will continue to develop, borrowing the best banking practices of other countries," - Konstantin Yakovlev, Commercial Director of Abanking.

The discussion begins with the assertion that every company will eventually be forced to adopt AI. AI adoption varies across industries, with some seeing it as imperative for staying competitive, while for others, it's less of an immediate need.  New technologies like MLOps, data pipelines, autonomic databases, and predictive analytics help to improve the overall governance risk.

The international IT professionals' community has announced the 'Top 100 IT Leaders' project. It is a global initiative that allows top IT managers to share their experience, expand their professional network and showcase the best digitalization practices of their companies. Here we will answer the basic questions about the project.

The editors of Global CIO discussed with Ahmet Hakan Göral, CIO at Boutique Rugs and winner of the Project of the Year 2023 contest, his current projects, the approach to digital transformation and the specifics of the role of CIO in retail.

April was full of new initiatives from vendors as well as some fascinating news on the technology front. With Olympics in Paris approaching, more  news will be flowing in from the capital of France.

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