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OLMA retail chain upgraded its cash register system in two months and saved 30% of IT resources

Uzbekistan retailer Xalq Retail, developing the OLMA chain of stores, has updated its trade automation solution. It helped to speed up the work of cashiers and save 30% of the working time of the company's IT specialists, redirecting them to strategic tasks. With the new solution, Xalq Retail now receives all necessary updates, including those for changes in legislation, promptly from the IT contractor.

The new trade automation solution Set Retail 10 has started working in all 22 OLMA stores. It manages 44 cash desks in the retail network - thanks to the centralized administration and configuration the retailer managed to free up one third of the IT department resources and redirect the released specialists to more important tasks of the retail network development.

During the first month of operation Xalq Retail noted the simplicity of the interface and the speed of the new system, thanks to which the customer service was noticeably accelerated. The retailer quickly receives from the IT contractor any updates for new requirements of growing business and legislation, including those related to changes in tax rates and labeling rules.

Xalq Retail technical director Rinat Sayyim said: "The previous cash register program required a lot of time for updating, replication, it was difficult to adapt it to legislative changes, we involved not only in-house but also third-party specialists. With Set Retail these problems are gone, first of all due to the centralized management. The interface of the cash server is clear and convenient - now two people are engaged in setting up and administration. It is also easy to work with the cash registers, it takes 30 minutes to train a cashier. We have touch screen cash registers, the basic interface consists of only three buttons. We quickly connected all the payment systems with ready-made modules, and the cash registers work stably and without failures.

The Russian IT company CSI, the developer and integrator of Set Retail, was responsible for the technological part of the implementation. Together with the Uzbek partner Soft Business Group the companies launched the cash desk solution in OLMA in 2 months.

Commercial Director of Xalq Retail Alexander Zaitsev shared: "When choosing a new system we saw that Set Retail is actively developing in the national market, the solution is successfully used by retail chains from the top 5 retailers of Uzbekistan. The system is very well thought-out and really helps to speed up customer service, which helps to reduce queues. The speed of work of cashiers is always relevant - our stores have 2 cash desks and there are a lot of customers during peak hours. Also one of the decisive factors in choosing the system was the availability of local technical support: CSI partner SBG company is located in Tashkent and promptly responds to all our requests".  

At the first stage Xalq Retail plans to evaluate the functionality and quality of the system, and in the future - to connect new tools of Set Retail and other CSI solutions, for example, the system of cash operations control Set Prisma. The retailer plans to actively grow the network and introduce self-service.

CSI project manager Andrey Okishev noted: "Set Retail is not just a cash register program, but a whole ecosystem of modules and products for automation and management of trade and business processes. They help to solve actual business tasks: to speed up customer service, to save costs, to increase profit, to reduce losses at the cash desk. We are glad that more and more retailers in Uzbekistan trust us, and we make the products as useful as possible for them: we update them in advance to comply with legislative changes, and promptly adapt them to business needs, taking into account all the specifics of the local market".
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