International Academy of CIO

The IAC (International Academy of CIO) promotes and facilitates CIO and IT Executive leadership education and education standards; government CIO and IT governance policies and institution building related to CIOs and CIO Councils; and application and innovation of ICT such as mobile, IoT and blockchain in areas including ICT and ageing society, smart cities, and ICT and natural disasters.


CIO CLUB UZBEKISTAN is a platform for IT directors, intended for the exchange of accumulated experience and formed ideas, the creation and development of a common strategy that allows us to identify existing difficulties in the domestic IT sphere and contribute to their solution.


ICTNEWS has been published since 2010. The purpose of the information and analytical media ICTNEWS is to increase information awareness of civil society, government agencies and various sectors of the economy and business about the processes taking place in the field of ICT in Uzbekistan and beyond.


Cyber park is a technopark from Uzbekistan. It was founded to create favorable conditions for the development of research activities, the production of high-tech products, the development of software products, and assistance in the implementation of innovative start-ups in the field of information technology and cybersecurity. Resident companies of the Cyber park, exempt from all taxes till January 1, 2028.

Future CIO Club

Future CIO Club is a training platform for IT managers who want to become a CIO. Future CIO Club helps to save more than 5 years in a career journey to the top with the needed tools, lessons, community and coaching. is a portal about the Kazakhstan information technology market, existing since 2004: IT news in Kazakhstan, analytics, calendar of upcoming IT events in Central Asia.

Bluescreen — expertly selected and well-presented events about IT technologies, games, cybersecurity, Kazakhstan and global trends. — media in Georgia about IT and technologies. supports the growth of citizens' awareness of technologies, as well as provides the tech community with information about the success and challenges of the Georgian IT industry, by following the standards of journalistic ethics.

MENA Majlis

FASTER COMMUNITY formed and forced by C-Level Technology, Academy and Industry Leaders, Executives and Entrepreneurs from Palestine, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia, Italy, Turkiye, UK, Indonesia, New Zealand.

Digital Orda

Digital Orda is a media about B2B/B2G digitalization in Kazakhstan, which collects exclusive comments from industry representatives and makes announcements of IT events.
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