About competition

The international annual contest, Project of the Year, was established by the professional IT community Global CIO. Its mission is to discover, consolidate, and promote the best IT practices implemented by CIOs in different countries

The Project of the Year contest provides a great opportunity for CIOs to share their experiences and gain recognition from colleagues worldwide.

The achievements of participants are to be evaluated directly by online voting of the Global CIO professional community members. This independent online voting framework is a distinctive feature of our competition.

The professional community members’ comments are particularly valuable, since they allow a more objective analysis of the projects’ specifics.

Participation is free. You are applying for one of the nominations only. The application is verified and published in the appropriate nomination if it meets the requirements.

The organizing committee reserves the right to make minor text amendments to project descriptions, as well as to adjust the number of final nominations after the closure of submissions to ensure reasonable competition.

The organizing committee has the right not to accept comments on projects that are not relevant to the essence of the project or are duplicated. Such comments will be deleted at the end of voting with automatic adjustment of the rating.

The organizing committee has the right not to accept underestimated votes (one or two points) for projects if the comments with their explanation are not sufficiently substantiated. A check of such ratings is carried out after the end of voting, with the corresponding removal of underestimated points that were given unreasonably.

The purpose of Project of the Year is to find and share the best practices used by IT directors around the world, and to create a knowledge base that will help CIO find new effective approaches to solving their professional tasks.

CONTACT THE ORGANIZERS: project@globalcio.com

Competition rules

The project for the competition may be nominated by:

  1. CIO or other leaders of digital transformation in company.
  2. IT service providers can also participate in the competition if the project is confirmed by the customer. For example: In case of implementation of A solution in company BBB, you should enter email IT-manager in BBB and we will sent him (or her) a letter with asking to approve the project.  Otherwise, the application shall not be accepted.
  3. Software products and solutions that are not implemented by a customer are not allowed to participate in the competition.
  4. You can submit multiple projects for various nominations; however, one project is to be only submitted to one nomination.

Criteria for selecting projects for the competition:

  • a project or a part of a project must have specific goals and objectives;
  • the stated goals of a project or a part of a larger project must be achieved between October 1st, 2022 and November 1st, 2023 (the project duration is not limited to this period);
  • a project must have a specific implementation outcome. Projects that have not been implemented at the customer organization shall not be admitted to the competition (e.g., non-implemented software products).
  • the editorial committee of the competition reserves the right to move projects from one category to another for a better subject matter representation of projects.

Competition deadlines

Application submission: September 15th – November 15th, 2023

Project verification: November 15th – 30th, 2023

Voting: December 1st, 2023 – January 15th, 2024

Competition results announcement and awarding the winners (preliminarily): February 7th, 2024.
Due to numerous requests, we will hold the Award Ceremony online, with the winners connected and broadcast on LinkedIn.

Project Evaluation Criteria

1. The scope of the project.

2. Project importance for the company.

3. Project complexity. It is estimated by the IT community. Each voter awards 0-5 points.

4. The optimization of solving project’s tasks. It is estimated by the IT community. Each voter awards 0-5 points.

5. Additional points:

  •  for comments on projects.  Each thematic comment of the project (the comment should be 200+ characters) adds 0.2 points to the project. Comments from IT professionals only are taken into consideration (comments from IT services providers and IT journalists are not considered). Project author's responses to comments (200+ characters) also add 0.2 points to the project for each comment.
  • for useful materials on the results of the project, which the project applicant can share with members of the Global CIO professional community. If the organizing committee accepts the materials, the project receives an additional 0.5 points to the rating. The materials are subsequently published in the "Compass CIO" section for subscribers.
    • checklist: 5-10 of the most important points that should not be forgotten when implementing such a project;
    • guide (manual): how to implement such projects, the sequence of implementation stages, the difficulties encountered and how they were solved, alternative solutions;
    • document templates: regulations, orders, standards, rules, methods, regulations, procedures, models, standard tasks, standard forms.

Voting methodology

The voting framework was developed by the Global CIO professional community expert council and is based on the methodology, can be found here.


Can a project participate in the competition, if it has not been implemented yet?

No, it can’t.

Will a project submitted by an IT service provider be admitted to the competition without written approval (per e-mail) of the CIO on the part of the customer?

No, it won’t.

Can I make changes to the project submitted for the competition?

All changes to the project must be sent to the moderator of the competition committee. They will be considered after additional verification.

Can a project participate in the competition, if its specifications cannot be disclosed?

No, it can’t

Why is there no definite number of categories?

The final number of categories will be revealed after all projects are submitted to the competition. One category should include at least three projects, so if this number is smaller for any category, it will be removed. The projects from this category will be transferred to other categories. At the same time, if there are too many projects in the category, it may be broken into two separate categories.

Who is the Professional who can vote for projects?

You are a Professional if you are a CIO/IT responsible at the organization which is not an IT service provider. Your registration on the Global CIO Portal is confirmed through a valid corporate email.

What can Professionals vote for?

Project complexity – by giving -0-5 points.
Project optimization - by giving 0-5 points.
Comment of a Professional* (200+ characters).
Projects’ authors responses to comments (200+ characters).

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