Implementation of CRM system and a Sales module

Project manager on the customer side
Irina Fedorovich
Director of IT Projects
IT Provider
HUB of Digital Solutions
Year of project completion
Project timeline
April, 2022 - June, 2023
Project scope
6751 man-hours

· Creation of a unified customer base

· Automation of customer relationship management

· Automation of customer service management

· Automation of development and management processes and sales channel diagrams (plan-factual analysis)

· Automation of the pricing process

Project Results

The implementation of a CRM system has significantly increased the efficiency and effectiveness of business in the area of customer relationship management. The successful implementation of a CRM system required good preparation, training of employees and customization of the system for a specific type of activity and business process.

The project implemented:

· Interface for the sales service

 · Automation of customer relationship management, history of customer relationships.

· Setting up analytics for the sections “Orders”, “Leads”, “Sales Plans”, “Activities”

· Integration with 1C ERP, EDI, MS Active Directory

· Setting up printed forms of documents and reporting

The uniqueness of the project

After implementation, CRM became a master system (single window) for entering data on contractors and points, to automate the process of contracts, trade offers and discounts, orders, and sales plans. An operator workplace was implemented using sales analytics with product selection. Field sales management in CRM is used to plan merchandiser routes while viewing logical maps with entering data on the customer profile, products and prices for using the data in analytics. Integration for data exchange between sequences, including messages, has been implemented. Previous processes for contracts, setting prices and discounts, and sales plans were carried out in several connections and, due to the inclusion of communications between employees of the chains, data on customers, contracts and price lists were re-entered.
Used software
Creatio Sales Enterprise Version, MS Active Directory, Kafka, FTP, VPN tunnel, tablets
Difficulty of implementation

· Frequent changes in the general customer, which led to a rethinking of project goals and compliance with requirements.

· During the implementation of the project, the 1C ERP developer got involved later, when the functionality on the CRM side had already been implemented. During testing, problems were identified and the CRM functionality had to be improved.

· During acceptance testing there was no active inclusion of the customer. Comments began to appear only at the time of pilot operation.

The system is positioned as LOW CODE, NO CODE, however, a programmer is required to perform business tasks, especially in terms of improvements to the local application.

Project Description

AITAS Holding is the leader in its industry in terms of production and processing of poultry meat in Kazakhstan. AITAS manages production along the technological cycle - from raising parent stock and hatching eggs to packaging the finished product. The holding produces various products made from poultry meat, and was the first in Kazakhstan to produce chilled chicken meat. Now the holding company produces broiler chicken meat under the Kus&Vkus brand and delicacies, semi-finished products, and sausage products AMP. The company's clients are retail outlets, retail chains, cafes, restaurants, etc.
To work with orders for product supplies in the sales service, the company had a need for a CRM system that would provide all processes of the sales service and would allow monitoring, receiving analytics and sales management. There was also a need to set up exchange with 1C ERP. Previously, orders were created manually in 1C ERP. Concluding contracts with clients, agreeing on prices and discounts are carried out in the document flow system. There was no protection between chain outcomes, forcing employees of the same data to carry the same data in different systems. There were also no routing systems or field sales diptychs. 
As a result of the implementation of the Sales module in the CRM system from Creatio, the functionality was adapted to the required companies, business processes for agreeing on contracts, product prices and discounts for clients were automated. In addition to registration in a customized standard way, an operator workplace was created to optimize the production of orders with a hint for the operator in the field of video analytics for products that the client had previously ordered. Analytics have also been developed showing the operator the current sales plan. Implemented loading of data from the external Docrobot system, in which orders of the retail network are registered.
In the “Field Sales” workplace, functionality has been developed for filling out visit forms in the mobile application and setting up the necessary analytics. Synchronization with MS Active Directory is enabled for user authorization. Organized storage of files attached to system sections on the company's FTP server.

AITAS introduces the most effective processes and technologies into its work to ensure high quality products, contribute to the development of the country's economy and improve the living conditions of Kazakhstanis.

We see that the development of the agro-industrial complex is one of the most important elements in the development of our country.

The CRM business project has the same impact on the international responsibility of Aitas Holding - the corporate fund Aitas Foundation. The Aytas Foundation includes the Fund for Combating the Development of Atmospheric Phenomena, the Fund for Combating the Development of Education, the Center for Regional Studies and many other projects.

Project geography
The winners of the Project of the Year 2023 competition are IT leaders from India, Malaysia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Iraq and Brazil. 

The beginning of the year was marked by a flurry of activity by various legislators to deal with artificial intelligence. The New York Times filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, and the UAE created an AI council to accelerate the adoption of AI systems in critical sectors of the economy.

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