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Building a corporate data management platform

JSC NC KazMunayGas
IT Provider
DIS Group
Year of project completion
Project timeline
January, 2021 - December, 2022
Project scope
389000 man-hours
Strategic objectives
  1. Increase the quality and efficiency of managerial decisions at the top and middle management level
  2. Ensure monitoring of key indicators
  3. To organize a unified version of the truth in all areas of the Holding's activities.

Operational objectives
  1. Organization of a single metadata repository within the Data Governance concept
  2. Building a centralized data glossary, including change management processes
  3. Creating a flexible and scalable data platform

The uniqueness of the project

Complex organizational perimeter of the project, combining various business areas (Production, Transportation, Refining, Sales, etc.), as well as international specifics in the form of foreign shareholders at the level of subsidiaries. Organizational perimeter - Central Office including 16 subsidiaries. Complex information landscape and number of heterogeneous source systems. The centralized data model is based on international standards for the formation and monitoring of the Holding's end-to-end reporting.
Used software
The basis of the hardware and software complex is a heterogeneous data warehouse based on the Arenadata DB DBMS.

It is integrated with various corporate information systems and other data sources using Informatica Power Center and Informatica Developer ETL solutions.

Data quality validation, as well as data profiling and enrichment, is done using Informatica Data Quality.

Regulatory and reference information management in terms of Goods/Works/Services and in terms of business partners (counterparties) is based on Informatica Product 360 solution and Informatica MDM Hub.

All realized in the repository business indicators are described in the system Informatica Axon, which by means of the tools Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) defines the origin of the data (data lineage) from different information sources.

A layer is built around the repository, which, with the help of the EDC modules for tracking changes in data, provides real-time loading of data in all areas of business and financial consolidation of the holding.

Access of business users to the data from the storage is provided via BI solution Qlick Sence as well as corporate portal based on MS Sharepoint solutions.
Difficulty of implementation
The first full-scale project on corporate data management in the Holding.
Local and international geographically distributed project teams.
Local and international standards and project requirements.
Holding's comprehensive information landscape.

Completely revised methods of integration with corporate data sources, built data governance processes.

Optimization of mechanisms for monitoring the activities of subsidiaries and counterparties within the Holding
Project Description

During the project, 14 teams with a total of about 100 employees worked together.

Their efforts resulted in the implementation of such business functionality as:

Strategic map: A map of the holding's strategic goals in the context of all business areas for top and middle management, including operational monitoring of indicators.

Key performance indicators portal: Map of key performance indicators at top management level including monitoring of interim and annual performance.

ESG reporting: System of international standards for end-to-end monitoring of the company's activities in the context of sustainable development.

Production monitoring: Key indicators in the context of the Holding's activities (Production, Transportation, Refining, Sales, etc.).

Master Data optimization: Optimization of a single directory of Goods / Works / Services within the Holding, taking into account business partners (counterparties).

Project geography
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