Corporate mobile application “myERG”

Eurasian Resources Group
Project manager on the customer side
Rustem Uvaliyev
Head of Enterprise IT architecture
IT Provider
Business & Technology Services (part of ERG)
Year of project completion
Project timeline
October, 2022 - January, 2023
Project scope
44600 subscribers

myERG objectives are aligned with the ERG’s goals and the specific needs of its workforce.

  1. Seamless internal communication and engagement: Facilitate real-time and seamless communication among ERG employees, irrespective of their physical location. Provide a platform for instant messaging and group chats. Include features that encourage employee recognition, celebrate achievements, and boost overall engagement. Implement tools for feedback and suggestion collection to improve the workplace. Offer onboarding materials and training resources to help employees make the most of ERG.
  2. Mobile accessibility: Develop services in the app to provide employees on-the-go work style by staying effective with corporate smartphones and tablets.
  3. Knowledge base: Create a repository for Group knowledge, documents, and resources that employees can easily access and share. Implement an easy search functionality and friendly UX to quickly find and retrieve information.
  4. Integration with enterprise systems: Integrate with ERG's existing systems, such as SAP, 1C, Outlook, Smax, Wialon, SharePoint, Outlook, LMS, EDMS and project management tools to streamline workflows.
  5. Security and Compliance: Ensure the ERG security and data protection policy to safeguard sensitive corporate information and data privacy.
  6. Analytics and Reporting: Provide data analytics and reporting in dashboards for C-level management to make data-driven decisions.

Project Results
Creation of an enterprise "super-app" that allows instant delivery of 100+ services to employees via smartphones, access to corporate knowledge base, enables collaboration via chats and serves as a platform for development of new services. Project had a positive impact on employee brand and loyalty.

Monthly Active Users: 44600 (at the project close), 58000 (currently).

The uniqueness of the project

myERG is a unique because it combines integration, multifunctionality, user-friendliness, modern technologies, incident/process management, and health and wellness feedback. By simplifying routine tasks, reducing bureaucracy, and enhancing productivity, our app is transforming the work lives of both production and office workers.

  • Integration and Flexibility: myERG offers the remarkable advantage of quick integration with various systems in just two weeks, thanks to its design component library. This level of flexibility allows the application to adapt seamlessly to the specific needs of any service.
  • Multifunctionality: myERG provides access to a wide array of services: managing tasks, controlling deadlines, analyzing dashboards, monitoring accidents and equipment emergency shutdown, checking limits on medical services, our app streamlines numerous aspects of daily work and social life.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our UI/UX is thoughtfully designed with the diverse needs of various users in mind, from regular production workers to managers. UX is intuitive and there is no need to educate employees on how to use the app.
  • Health and Wellness: myERG also addresses the well-being of employees. It allows them to track the results of medical services received and schedule upcoming preventive examinations. Continuous surveys on well-being and mental health conducted in the app fosters a culture of wellness within the organization, leading to happier and more productive employees.

Used software
We have developed a universal application that runs seamlessly on all operating systems and platforms. The chosen stack: Python, Vue.js, and Golang.
Difficulty of implementation

  • Ambitious Timing: Launching myERG within an ambitious timeframe of 3 months seemed impossible, especially because of global pandemic. Once the lockdown was official together with the team we knew that the new ways to collaborate remotely will be challenging and full of ups and down. This experience taught us the value of flexibility and the ability to pivot when necessary.
  • Uniting Enterprise Systems and teams: Uniting diverse enterprise systems within a single application was a dream. We were ready for long-hour battles with owners of business processes and different teams. We changed the established project-based thinking to product-based. We emphasized to various stakeholders the importance of discovery phase, MVP and hypothesis testing.
  • We constantly ensure that myERG can scale with the ERG's growth and handle increased user loads without compromising performance. We regularly optimize the platform for speed and efficiency. We established responsive customer support to address user inquiries and technical issues.

Project Description

myERG is efficient, productive, and employee-centric digital workplace. With its extensive array of services, it ensures that employees are connected, informed, and empowered, while managers monitor and control streamlined processes and make data-driven decisions.

We designed our app with employee satisfaction in mind, so it offers more than 100 services that make daily tasks easier. The most popular services are:

  • View Available Vacation Days: it’s the most popular feature being #1 in the most loved services rating for 2 years.
  • Contact Search: a unified contact database, fostering quick and efficient employee collaboration.
  • Payslip Viewing: Access and review payslips seamlessly, eliminating the need for outdated paper payslips delivered in envelopes to production workers.
  • Staff Adaptation Course: Onboard new employees with ease, replacing traditional paper booklets for new comers.
  • Service Desk Requests: Enable all employees to submit requests, freeing up valuable time for managers to focus on their teams. Before the service was introduced production workers had no means to contact the SD but to ask their superiors who has access to corporate computers and accounts to do so.
  • Cloud Digital Signatures: Streamline administrative tasks by digitally signing personnel applications and orders securely. No more paper wasted.
  • Idea Factory: Spark innovation by allowing employees to submit and share their ideas, contributing to the improvement of the production.
  • Zoom Conferencing and Calendar Management: Corporate account holders can create Zoom conferences, manage calendars, and handle email, enhancing productivity.
  • Reminder Service: Receive timely reminders for appointments, ensuring you're always prepared for meetings. Never miss important tasks thanks to push-notifications.
  • Employee Services Overview: Access all employee services, including housing programs, medical insurance, transportation, and more in one convenient location.
  • Medical Appointments: Easily schedule doctor appointments, view medical examination results, and access prescriptions within the app.
  • Training Management: Track and manage mandatory training courses, certificates, and exam materials, ensuring compliance and competence.
  • Certificate Ordering: Obtain work certificates with an electronic stamp in just 24 hours, eliminating delays and paperwork.
  • Canteen Services: Check the balance on your canteen e-wallet and provide feedback on canteen services, promoting a better dining experience.
  • Cultural and Sporting Events: Stay updated on corporate events, and apply for them individually or on behalf of your team, fostering a sense of community.
  • Business Travel Management: Empower employees to arrange business trips and submit reports, reducing the burden on line managers. Before the service was introduced production workers asked their superiors who has access to corporate computers and accounts to send the application for business trip.
  • Procurement Control: Take charge of procurement status, eliminating the need for constant follow-up and inquiries about spare parts and deliveries.
  • Warehouse Balances: Quickly locate spare parts in Group warehouses during emergencies, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.

Project geography
ERG Group in the Republic of Kazakhstan - more than 30 entities, with a total of more than 60,000 employees.
Additional presentations:
myERG for GlobalCIO.pdf
The winners of the Project of the Year 2023 competition are IT leaders from India, Malaysia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Iraq and Brazil. 

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